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Survios is creating a VR game for music creation!

For many years, the worlds of gaming and electronic music have collided. Whether it was a game soundtrack or a dance themed game, video games have served as a prominent source of inspiration for producers to create their own music.  With VR gaming becoming popular, it’s only natural that a company would develop a music based game for that system. VR Gaming company, Survios, has recently announced the development of a music creation and performance game called ‘Electronauts’.  

The game enables you to create, remix and perform music within a virtual world. Sounds pretty sweet, right? On top of using the songs in the game, the game also allows users to upload their own songs into the game. Let’s say you want to do a mash up of a handful of songs from a variety of genres. That’s all possible to upload and perform in Electronauts.  Each player will be given three DJ tables with the handheld controllers operating a variety of functions in the game. You can perform songs, play a variety of instruments, record loops, re-arrange your drum kits and much more within the game.

Musical ability doesn’t matter as there is no musical requirements to play the game. A beginner will have as much fun in this game as the seasoned musician.  For the latter, this could serve as a new source of inspiration.  Beta versions of the game will be available to select players in early 2018 with the game expected to be available to the public later that year.

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