China clamps down on nightclubs as Party Congress takes place in Beijing

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Nightclubs in the country’s capital have been forced to close amid tightened security measures.

China is cracking down on nightclubs and other music venues during this week’s Communist Party meeting in Beijing.

The country is tightening security as more than 2,000 delegates arrive in China for the Party Congress, which began on Wednesday, October 18th, and runs into next week. Though exact details remain unclear, music venues across the country are being taregeted. In Beijing, it appears as if all nightclubs have been forced to close entirely until next week, a move that’s forced local promoters to cancel events, including a show with DJ Zinc at Dada Beijing that was due to happen on October 21st.

The New York Times reports that President Xi Jinping’s government is targeting not only nightclubs but Airbnb, which has been suspended to “reduce the flow of outsiders to the capital.” The BBC reports that restaurants, gyms and karaoke bars have also been targeted as a result of the congress, which takes place every five years.