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Association For Electronic Music establishes UK hotline for sexual harassment in the electronic music industry

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The new venture is set up in partnership with Health Assured.

A new hotline has been established in order to combat sexual harassment in the electronic music industry.

The Association For Electronic Music, an industry-wide not-for-profit group that’s also involved in the Get Played Get Paid Campaign, has launched the new service in partnership with UK workplace health provider Health Assured. Complete Music Update reports, “The new service will offer advice and guidance to those who call a dedicated phone line.”

The hotline is being set up in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, aftereffects of which have rocked the entire entertainment industry. Björk reported sexual harassment at the hands of an unnamed Danish director, while 2,000 women from the Swedish music industry signed a #MeToo letter indicating endemic sexism. Many male industry leaders have resigned or apologized in the wake of accusations.

If you are experiencing sexual harassment you can speak confidentially to specially trained staff now by calling 0800 030 5182.