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’90s records from John Tejada, Steve Pickton and Dan Curtin will all be back on the shelves soon.

The Danish techno and house label Multiplex is back in business after almost 20 years of inactivity.

Multiplex was started in 1995 by Copenhagen scene stalwarts Steen ‘Kong’ Mogensen and Cai Bojsen-Møller. The label’s initial three-year run resulted in 32 vinyl and CD releases from artists like John Tejada, Dan Curtin, Morgan Geist, Artificial Funk and the two founders. It ceased operations in 1998, and many of its records have since become hard to come by on the secondhand market.

Mogensen is now teaming with Daniel Kaarill, a longtime DJ, photographer and promoter who also hails from Copenhagen, to reboot Multiplex. The two aren’t dealing with represses—they got their hands on old stock, much of which had been “hidden away” in original packaging from the pressing plant for years.

Their first new move is making several of the label’s records available again. The two-part Tivoli Trax and Steve Pickton’s Sound Of Stas, credited to his Stasis alias, are out now. More releases will follow soon.

Also in the works is a reissue EP, and new music, but details are still TBA.

Listen to samples for a few of those rediscovered records at the Rush Hour store.

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