“Music is a reflection of the time, in which it was made” (Diana Ross). In 1998, Sascha Beek began DJ’ing in bars and small clubs. The fee for the gigs Sascha used as his share for his first own studio, which he furnished along with two colleagues and friends. From that moment on, every spare minute was spent working on new tracks. Sascha was also always very active as a DJ – in addition to a lot of resident bookings, a tour throughout Germany and several guest appearances on radio shows, in 2001, he won his first DJ Contest. In 2002, the second Germany tour followed, at this point he was still known as Sash Bee in the largest and most well-known discotheques. In 2007, the Krefeld native moved to Bielefeld, where, with his own events “Housesounds Delux” and “GlamHouse Nights”, he filled the Bielefeld clubs with house music sounds until 2012. His own radio show “LXEar Radio” was on air at the same time. From then on, he was an integral part of the club scene. The music label Signal To Noize Records secured the rights to the first “Hartbeeat EP”, a project that he brought to life with a producer friend. More and more artists and bands requested Sascha’s creative, uniquely tuneful and varied remixes, among others James Stefano from the Netherlands, Ray Stress from Bielefeld, and many more. Soundtracks, for example, for Image Films for “HKult” or “ – DAS Foto” are also part of tasks of the Progressive House & Deep House producer.After the remix for “MDR Sputniker am Morgen” came the booking for the mega event in East Germany, the Sputnik Spring Break. Sascha DJ’ed on the main stage in front of more than 17,000 visitors, among them top names, such as Deichkind, Mia, Fritz Kalkbrenner, Moonbootika or Timo Maas – without doubt one of T HE (!) highlights of 2012. After winning two remix contests, he has finally found his place in the world of music. In 2013, the Berlin label 1103 Musik released three songs from the début album “Sascha Beek – Einklang”, which released in the Year 2015 . His mix sets “Meine ganz persönliche Note” (“My totally personal sound”) have recently earned him a huge number of clicks on portals, such as Soundcloud and on his own homepage, and are played throughout the world. Radio guest plays, interviews, requests for remixes and in the meantime bookings all over Europe are now part of Sascha Beek daily life. With his colleague, Tom Beatz, he covers at the same time the Techhouse sector, ensuring that, in the meantime, many record labels are courting the 37-year old. After a long experimental period, Sascha has finally found his unmistakeable style; melodic elements rounded off with melancholy interludes, to thumping beats – something for EVERYONE, as confirmed by his followers. We are excited about what Sascha Beek will present us musically, as no one song is like the previous one and each time he serves up a new huge surprise. Now his Songs are played by Big Artists around the World, more than 60 Releases, over 500.000 Soundcloud Plays and a huge Fanbase – that’s the result of a straight Way forward – and Music is the Passion.