David Vendetta is a French house DJ and producer who has been crafting big hitting electronic bombs for more than a decade. As well as being a host on respected French radio station FG DJ Radio and organising parties around the world, he has released two essential albums, Rendez-Vous and Vendetta, and has appeared on labels like Roger Sanchez’s Stealth, Ultra and Paradise Records. As a DJ he is always in demand and each and every weekend is found laying down essential selections at clubs all across the world from Russia to Egypt, Turkey to Qatar.

David has seen chart success with ‘Love is Love’ – a single that sat pretty on Billboard Magazine’s Dance Club chart for weeks after release, it also picked up plenty of props from media and taste making DJs alike. That single was the first of a new collaborative project between Vendetta and esteemed vocalist and songwriter Sylvia Tosun. The project seeks to unite Tosun’s emotive lyrics with David’s dancefloor focussed house and electro beats and was the beginning of a great relationship that guarantees to bear plenty more fruit. The first release the pair unleashed on the world was The Dragon Flies EP, which really offered a journey through sound, lit up with great vocals and fantastic production. France has had a long line of electronic music stars, and in no uncertain terms, David Vendetta is the most recent talent to join the highly esteemed ranks.