DaKooler as Italian Dj/Producer of EDM Music. Very charismatic and with an eye always on the crowd, DaKooler have been playing in several raves in Europe and on the best beach parties around the red sea. In Russia, DaKooler left a strong mark, playing in different clubs around the Russian territory and at the Audi presentation in Irkutsk.
For the occasion, Audi requested from DaKooler the special Audi Compilation that have been given during the presentation.
In Irkutsk DaKooler have been selected as Guest Dj along side the Dj/Producer Dj Cerla (Floorfilla) for the first edition of Miss Italia in Siberia. He released “Tunz Tunz Music” with the Label DaLab, and with the same label “I Wanna Be Free” that have been included in several compilation in Ibiza.
With the Skye Energy Dance Records, DaKooler released “Are You Counting” and have been playing for the Skye Energy Radio. In 2017 DaKooler will release his new project “Let It Go”.