Few people have turned out as many seminal remixes as revered Frenchman Antoine Clamaran. The Parisian has been active since the 90s and after establishing himself on the local Maximum FM radio station has gone on to international acclaim. Funky Music by Calvin Stone, Oxygene by Jean Michel Jarre, Party Time by Gloria Estefan, You Spin Me Round by Dead or Alive and Encore Une Fois by Euro Smash have all had the Clamaran treatment and before long the talented DJ was asked to replace Laurent Garnier at the prestigious club Palace in Paris for the grand Gay Tea Dance every Sunday.

He proved an immediate success and then undertook plenty of original production work, soon finding huge acclaim with the 100,000 copy selling single I’ve Got Music In Me. Other DJ residencies ensued at revered spots like Queen Club in Paris and Antoine teamed up again with Laurent Pautrat to produce the first of many full lengths. In addition to several successful singles such as Keep On Trying and Give Me Some Love, his albums – which feature high profile guest spots from the likes of Joachim Garraud, Chris Kaeser, Lulu Hughes, Annie C, Duane Harden and many more – have sold over 1,200,000 copies around the world and have made the man who produced them one of the most acclaimed and boundary pushing producers in dance music.