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Around 60 business owners in Ibiza’s popular tourist zone the West End have spoken out against plans to implement earlier closing times, calling them a “death sentence for many families and small businesses.”

In a statement seen by Diario De Ibiza, the group has called on San Antonio council to rethink the proposed laws, which would reduce closing times for outdoor bar terraces to 11 PM, and for bars, restaurants and clubs to 3 AM. They say the changes could result in the “closure of businesses, the shortening of the tourist season to just one month and the direct loss of more than 300 jobs.”

The statement goes on to say that the law “has no precedent in similar tourist zones in Spain. Not even orders approved by the local governments of Manuela Carmena (Madrid council) or Ada Colau (Barcelona council) are this strict. Let’s be clear that this is nothing more than a temporary solution, which, once our businesses are shut for the night, will force the party to move down to the beaches or to nearby streets. The problem will only be displaced, not properly dealt with.”

In an attempt to further convince San Antonio council, the group outlined a series of measures they’d enact to help combat noise pollution, including stepping up security in the area and fully complying with the soundproofing rules imposed by the council.

Reducing closing times is just one of the changes proposed by the new laws, which will go to a vote before the municipal plenary this month. If ratified, the area that’s home to the West End will officially become a Special Acoustic Protection Zone (ZPAE).

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